Do I Need Brake Repair?


When talking with car owners, most of the time you'll find that safety is a number one priority. From finding a vehicle with the most advanced safety features, to driving in a safe manner while out on the roads, to providing the vehicle with proper maintenance. There are a number of ways to keep a vehicle a secure piece of machinery. But one of the best ways you can ensure you're doing what you can to prioritize safety is by having the brakes regularly inspected and repaired if ever needed. Becoming familiar with the signs of possible brake problems is the first step to always staying on top of brake repair. Finding a trusted auto repair center that specializes in brake repair comes in at a close second. Not quite sure if you are in need of brake repair? Let us help you learn the signs!

Keep an Eye on Those Brake Pads

When it comes to maintaining a healthy -- and safe -- set of brakes it's important to keep an eye on the brake pads. These pads are there to help the braking mechanism work successfully, without any damage occurring on the working metal parts. The pads are able to absorb the pressure of the braking system, bringing you and your vehicle to a safe and timely stop. However, over time these brake pads see a great deal of wear and tear and they begin to grow thinner. As more and more pressure is applied to the brake pads they grow less thick and, eventually, become ineffective. Having a team of professional auto technicians take a look at your brake pads on a regular basis will help ensure your brake pads never become dangerously thin. They can properly inspect them and let you know whether or not they might be in need of replacement. If it's been awhile since you have your brake pads inspected, it's probably high time you have it done.

Listen When You Brake

One of the best ways to figure out whether or not your brake pads have begun to grow too thin is if you begin to hear a new sound while you are braking. When your brakes are in healthy condition and the brake pads are the right amount of thickness, you shouldn't hear anything while you brake. However, if the brake pads have grown thin and are in need of replacement then the metal will begin to start pressing against metal. This will generate a high pitched squealing sound. This squealing is an indication that the metal is no longer protected and damage could be occurring. The moment you begin to hear this sound when you brake it's time to take your vehicle into a nearby auto maintenance center where trusted auto mechanics can take a look and perform any necessary repairs right away.

You'd be hard pressed to find a car owner who doesn't prioritize safety. From driving responsibly out on the roadways to making sure you stay on top of regular scheduled maintenance appointments. However, one of the best ways to keep your vehicle as safe as possible is taking excellent care of your brakes. Finding a trusted auto maintenance center to help keep your brakes as healthy as possible is the best way to also stay safe. If you suspect, even in the slightest, that you might be in need of brake repair in South Beloit get in touch with us here at Integrity Auto Care at (815) 957-4159 right away! Our team of highly skilled auto technicians understand how important a healthy set of brakes are for the safety and security of you and your passengers -- let us help make sure those brakes are always ready to go!


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ