5 Smells that Stink of Car Trouble


Your check engine light does a pretty good job of informing you about current, upcoming and potential issues within your vehicle, but sometimes all you need is your nose to detect a problem. There are many odors that your car or truck may give off if there is some sort of problem at hand. Some of these smells are much more recognizable than others, but they all mean trouble. If you catch a whiff of any of these scents be sure to head to the auto repair shop right away.

Gasoline Stench

All gas stations seem to have a certain smell to them, you know, the smell of gas. If you catch wind of fuel there is chance that you may have a fuel leak in vapor or liquid form. Either way it can be very dangerous. This smell will usually arise from a fuel-injection line, a broken gas cap that is allowing gas vapors to escape or the fuel tank vent hose.

Maple Syrup Smell

Antifreeze, the liquid used in the cooling system, has a very sweet, maple-like smell. This substance is highly attractive to animals, but it is very poisonous. If you smell this liquid you may have a leak in the cooling system that will put your vehicle at risk for overheating.

Campfire Odor

The smell of a burning clutch is very unique, but for many people it is reminiscent of a campfire. You may remember this smell from when you were first learning how to drive a manual transmission, but if you smell it now, there is a good chance you're due for a clutch replacement or adjustment.

Dirty Laundry Smell

Does the air coming out of the AC or heater vents in your car smell like dirty gym socks? There may be mildew or mold growing inside. This issue can usually be resolved by blasting your heaters with the windows down in order to dry out the system.

Burning Oil Scent

There's no special name or comparison for the smell of burning engine oil, but if you think you sense it don't hesitate heading to the repair shop. This smell may be accompanied by blue smoke exiting the tailpipe. This problem poses a real threat to the health of your engine.

Any time you smell something funky you should let a professional technician decipher the cause. For proper engine diagnostics in South Beloit head to Integrity Auto Care. Our team will quickly identify and resolve the issue at hand, as we can handle many forms of auto maintenance and repair. Give us a call today at (815) 957-4159 and request an appointment for professional auto repair in Beloit.


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ