Keep Your Day Going with a Free Local Shuttle


When something seems to be a little off we our car -- or when we know we need to schedule a repair appointment -- one of the potential concerns is how long the service appointment might take. Will it take over your entire day? Will it conflict with other appointments you already have schedule throughout your day? We often don't like the idea of troubling a family member or friends to drop us off and pick us up from an auto repair shop, but also don't like the idea of waiting around in a waiting area all day. Before start delaying your next auto repair appointment, remember there are maintenance shops who provide convenient (and free!) local shuttles who can help keep your day moving along. Just because there's a pause button on your vehicle's usual daily routine doesn't mean there needs to be a pause button on your day too!

No Need to Slow Down

Many of us dread the idea of needing to wait around in a waiting room, watching the minutes tick by on a clock. We might not want to miss work or rearrange other items we had planned for our day. This might even cause someone to try and schedule a service appointment on a weekend or a day off work to avoid any scheduling conflicts. But wait before you take this route! Before you use a precious vacation day or take up a weekend day, take some time to look around for auto maintenance shops who and offer a free local shuttle for your convenience. Not only does this help your car get inspected and fixed more quickly, but helps your day keep moving. There is no need to slow down when there's a free shuttle available.

Quality Customer Service

When trying to decide which auto repair shop to bring your car to, it might feel like there are too many to choose from. While multiple shops may offer the same basic services, not all shops provide the same high level of customer service. When you find an auto repair shop who offers free shuttle service it shows they care about the customer outside of their car's needs. IT shows the company understands the customer has a life outside the auto shop and needs to get back to it as soon as possible. Customers who feel like they are valued by a company will be more prone to come back time and time again, and it's important to find a company who does value its customers.

While some people may delay getting a car repaired due to not wanting a day to stop entirely, some know better. With just a little research you can find an auto repair shop who offers a shuttle service. If you're hoping to find an auto repair shop who also offers a free local shuttle in South Beloit be sure to get in touch with us here at Integrity Auto Care at (815) 957-4159 as soon as we can! We're here to not only help get your car moving along again, but to get your day moving along as well. Whether you're looking for auto repair or auto maintenance, we've got you covered here at Integrity Auto Care.


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ