The Importance of Scheduling Windshield Service


One of the signs that a windshield is doing its job well, is if you forget the windshield is even there. It is our invisible barrier, protecting us from wind, bugs, rain, and anything that gets kicked up as we speed down the road. However, because we generally only notice our windshield when it's dirty or suffered a crack, we don't spend a lot of time contemplating the importance of our windshield and why we need to make sure we get it serviced if something seems to be off. Read ahead to learn a little more about the importance of a healthy windshield.

It Does More Than Block Bugs

While your windshield often becomes littered with small bugs, the windshield does a lot more than simply shield you from bugs. Because of this, it is vital you maintain the health of the glass. Your windshield and the windows in your car act as extra support should your car roll over in the event of an accident. They assist in preventing the car roof from crushing inward. In addition the windshield helps direct a deployed airbag towards the driver, making sure it provides essential life-saving cushioning.

A Small Chip Could Mean Big Problems

Even the smallest of chips can affect the strength of a windshield. If the strength is compromised, the glass may be quicker to shatter, causing fragments to threaten the safety of the driver or passengers. In addition, a small chip or crack can easily spread further under minimal pressure causing a much larger and danger crack in the windshield. Even though you might be tempted to ignore a tiny crack in your windshield, be sure to pay attention when they occur and contact a local auto repair shop.

Does it Need Repair or Replacement?

What may look like a small or simple fix on your windshield may actually be a symptom of a larger issue. Instead of taking a gamble and hoping you've identified something yourself, be sure to have your windshield assessed by a team of professional auto technicians. Their experience and knowledge will ensure you are given the best advice for moving forward. While you may only need a minor repair job, it's possible you need your windshield replaced entirely. Don't take a chance on this matter; make sure you have a knowledgeable team help you out.

If you notice any change in the health of your windshield, be sure to schedule an appointment to get your windshield serviced at a local auto repair shop. If you are looking for windshield service in South Beloit give us a call at Integrity Auto Care at (815) 957-4159. Our team of experienced technicians are ready to help get you back on the road!


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ