3 Reasons to Never Skip an Oil Change


All vehicles require routine maintenance in order to provide their owners with a safe and reliable ride. The most frequent of those services is an oil change. For most vehicles this needs to be done every 3,000 miles. An oil change service includes draining the old oil from the motor, replacing the oil filter and refilling the motor with fresh oil. This service is absolutely necessary to prevent harsh metal on metal contact that could result in a need for massive engine repair or possibly and engine replacement. Fresh oil does a lot for your vehicle and the oil change service keeps your car happy and healthy. Be sure to always change your oil at the suggested mileage point to ensure your car doesn't suffer from any sort of engine damage.

Fresh oil keeps temperatures down

Oil is engineered to be able to absorb heat created by the engine. It also helps reduce the amount of heat that is produced by the engine. As oil ages it loses its capabilities in this regard and may actually cause additional heat because of the broken down oil. While the cooling system can generally handle the duties of keeping the engine cool oil flows through parts of the motor that coolant cannot. For this reason it is integral to keep fresh engine oil flowing through the block.

Oil changes restore engine power and fuel efficiency

As oil flows through the motor it collects dirt, dust and other contaminants that have made their way inside the engine. Most of this debris is dropped off at the oil filter, but some of it remains in the oil as it circulates. This debris make that oil turn into a sludge like substance that makes it very difficult for the engine to properly operate. This in turn reduces power and fuel efficiency. When the old oil is drained during an oil change all of this gunk is removed, and the new oil that is added helps to restore the power that the engine once was able to produce.

Fresh oil ensures proper engine lubrication

Of course the most important reason to always change the oil on time is to ensure that the motor's moving parts are not subject to harsh metal on metal contact. Without oil, or if using dirty oil, the motor will rub its different parts together and they will quickly wear out. This will result in the need for major engine repair.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ