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Does This Mean I Need Auto Repair?


Does This Mean I Need Auto Repair?Modern automobiles heavily incorporate computers into their running systems to assist with everything from starting and shifting to diagnosing problems. However, even with all that computer power, your car can't tell you about every single problem. It is important to pay attention to your car's performance and look for symptoms of possible trouble. The following are five of the most common signs it's time to visit an auto repair shop.

Strange Noises

Noises are one of the most common ways to diagnose issues. All types of problems can create noises, but a few of the most well known noise related issues include squealing brakes and a grinding transmission. If the brakes make noise when you hit the brake pedal it probably means your pads are low and need to be changed. A grinding transmission could indicate low levels of fluid.

Odd Smells

If you smell something strange coming from your car it would be wise to visit an auto shop. Some common smells include a maple syrup smell, indicative of a coolant leak, or a dirty laundry smell, which may mean mold is growing in your heater vents.


Your vehicle uses a number of fluids to operate. If any of these begin to leak it could be disastrous for your car. You may encounter oil leaks, fuel leaks, transmission fluid leaks, coolant leaks, brake fluid leaks, power steering fluid leaks or differential leaks. At the first sign of a drip head to the shop.

Decreased MPGs

Have you noticed yourself spending more time and money at the gas pump lately? This is a sure sign of performance problems that need to be addressed by a professional auto repair technician.

Dashboard Indicator Light

While your own senses are great for identifying trouble, your vehicle will let you know of many others that may be virtually undetectable until it's too late. Pay attention to lights such as the check engine light, ABS light, oil pressure light, ALT or GEN light and others. If any dash light comes on be sure to visit your local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics.

When it is time for auto repair in South Beloit make an appointment with the team at Integrity Auto Care by calling (815) 957-4159. We strive to provide, fast, honest and expert service for all makes and models. Thank you for choosing us for auto repair in South Beloit!


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