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Car Won't Start? Is it Time for Starter Repair?


Modern automotive starting systems are very complex and utilize many different parts that work together in order to get the engine cranking. These different parts include the battery, the ignition, and of course the starter motor. If the starter motor experiences any of the following problems there's a good chance that it will need to be replaced in the near future. Starter motors are likely to go out after many years, or miles, of use. At the first sign of starting trouble, which include the following, it is important to visit a local auto repair shop that can service your vehicle right away so you don't end up with a car that's going nowhere.

Clicking Noise

More than likely one of the first signs of starter trouble that you will experience is a repetitive, or a single loud clicking noise. This happens because this starter motor is actuating but not spinning. This often has to do with starter solenoid failure.

Soft Buzzing

A buzzing noise that occurs when you turn the key is often the result of low electrical current flowing to the starter motor. This means that electrical power is getting to the starter but not enough to make it actuate and engage with the flywheel. To resolve this issue ensure there is no corrosion on the battery cables or terminals or other connections throughout the starting circuit.

Swishing Sound

If the pinion gear, the part of the starter motor the actually engages with the flywheel, is unable to connect with the flywheel but still spins it will create a swishing or whirring noise. This is the sound of the starter motor spinning on its own. The starter motor will likely have to be replaced if this problem occurs.

Grinding Noise

If you hear a grinding noise when you try to start your car it could be caused by one of a couple problems related to the starter motor. The first thing that it could be is worn or missing teeth on the flywheel or pinion gear, which wouldn't allow them to properly mesh in order to crank the engine. The other thing it could be is loose bolts that mount the starter motor. This would allow the starter to rattle around during starting, creating the grinding sound.

It is important to take care of starting problems as soon as they begin to happen. Putting them off to repair later may end up leaving you stranded. If you need starter repair in South Beloit or the surrounding area get in touch with Integrity Auto Care. We provide full service auto maintenance and repair for most makes and models of vehicles. Give us a call today at (815) 957-4159 to schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Beloit! We look forward to serving our friends and neighbors with affordable, honest service.


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