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Why is the check engine light on?


Why is the check engine light on?Oh, that little orange check engine light. It scares many drivers, but should you really be worried? Nope. The check engine light is often an indicator of some small onboard problem that can be resolved quickly, if action is taken soon. The longer you wait to have diagnostics and repairs conducted the bigger chance there is of the issue growing worse, as demonstrated by this first check engine light problem.

Failed catalytic converter

If you have diagnostics ran and you find out that the catalytic converter, which is a part in the exhaust system responsible for converting harmful exhaust fumes into less harmful emissions, is damaged, it means there was a problem long before. The catalytic converter can be expensive to repair, but it won't fail unless a cheaper part, such as one of the next two, fails first.

Malfunctioning MAF sensor

The mass airflow sensor is located near the front of the vehicle and is tasked with measuring the incoming air and calculating how much needs to be sent to the combustion chamber to ensure a proper air/fuel ratio. If the sensor fails it could result in your car running rich, meaning it burns excessive gasoline, thus lowering your MPGs and increasing your emissions, which is what damages the catalytic converter.

Bad O2 sensor

The oxygen sensor has a similar role to the MAF sensor, but on the other end of the car. It is located in the exhaust system and measures the oxygen levels in the exhaust in order to help dictate the air/fuel mix. A failed O2 sensor could also lead to the vehicle running rich.


Misfiring means that your car's engine is not running right due to spark plugs or ignition coils not working as they should. You'll likely be able to tell there is an issue without the assistance of the check engine light, as your car will be running very rough. Don't hesitate to get to the auto repair shop, as this too can lead to bigger damage of other parts.

Loose gas cap

If your check engine light is on the best thing you can hope for is a loose gas cap. If the gas cap is not tightened or if it is cracked or otherwise ill fitting it can lead to the evaporation of fuel vapors out of the filler hose. This would be detected by the EVAP system, which would then trigger the check engine light.

Don't put off check engine light diagnostics, whatever the problem is, it will only get worse. For check engine light repair in South Beloit head to Integrity Auto Care. Our team uses the latest diagnostic and auto repair tech to ensure fast and efficient fixes. Give us a call at (815) 957-4159 to schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in South Beloit!


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